Singing for Pleasure

Wednesday - 10:30-12:30

The overall aim of the course is to introduce you to singing a wide range of songs, e.g. popular songs, songs from musicals, traditional songs and music from different work traditions. The course is open to people who have not sung before or for a long time, and to people with singing experience. The sessions include: simple warm up techniques (physical and vocal), simple techniques for improving the quality of your singing e.g. in relation to pitch, tone, rhythm and breathing, how to sing with others, how to sing harmony parts, how to interpret individual pieces and the importance of posture in singing. You will also learn about the historical and cultural origins of the music taught on the programme. All the songs and music are learnt together as a large group through demonstration by the tutor e.g. by ‘breaking down’ songs – and through listening and repetition. You don’t need to be
able to read music, although if you do printed music is generally available. Songs are always sung together as a group – no-one has to sing on their own. Everyone is encouraged to join in freely with whatever part they wish.

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