We’re back!

After such a long time apart, we're finally back to worship. While we are still observing social distancing and face masks, it is fantastic to meet together in fellowship once again.

We have a 6-piece band and songsters, as per the guidance from Brass Band England, and the Choral Society in regards to distancing and max numbers - and isn't it amazing to have live music again. We will continue to follow their guidance, and we are hoping soon we can have a full band and brigade again each Sunday but for now, we appreciate those that are participating each week.

Our YP sections are starting to return to normal, and it was good to hear the YP band via a pre-recorded piece at the weekend which they had recorded earlier in the week. Hopefully, we get to hear from our amazing Singing Company soon too!

After the success of our online services throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns, we are continuing to LiveStreaming our services via YouTube! We currently have a temporary setup and in the not too distant future, a full setup is in the works that will allow us to LiveStream effectively and much easier than current.

Our leadership team are working our new calendar, and keep an eye on seeing new events pop up soon. We have an exciting Christmas season ahead, and we hope to see you - either in person at the Corps, on LiveStream, or on catch-up via YouTube.

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