A Fond Farewell

This is not Goodbye

Today we say farewell to Gethin and Pearl Thomas who for the last 4 and a half years have been our ministers here at Coventry City.

The farewell meeting was filled with emotion as Mark Street led us through. Each musical section contributed along with farewell messages from Junior and Senior members of the church. There were laughs and there were tears, mostly Pearls. The meeting also saw the commissioning of Seb Farrall as Songster Leader and Gemma Potter as YP Band Leader.

The service ended with a final few words from Gethin who told us that it is themselves who thank us as they are just servants and they are passing the 'apron' of leadership to our local leaders who will be running the Corps for the next few months .

We will miss you

There is no doubt they'll be highly missed here at Coventry City, and we wish Pearl and Gethin well and over the coming weeks and months and they will be surrounded by our prayers.

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