New Officers – Majors Andrew and Valerie Spivey

The new officer moves have now been released and the day 1 embargo lifted, we can announce that Coventry City Corps new officers will be Majors Andrew and Valerie Spivey.

Andrew and Valerie are currently appointed to Leeds Central Corps and they will take up their new appointment here at Coventry City on Thursday 19th July. On Sunday 22nd July they will be officially installed at their Welcome Meeting.

Why are you getting new officers?

The Salvation Army regularly moves it Officers (Ministers); on average an officer will stay at an appointment for between 5-7 years and move orders are usually announced each February which causes much interest within The Salvation Army world, particularly when our own Corps is involved.

A change in appointment doesn’t always mean an officer will go into a Corps (Church), a change of appointment can sometimes means an officer can enter a role within the social services side of the The Salvation Army such as our Life Houses (homeless hostels) or on to one of our Divisional, Territorial or International Headquarter roles.

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